Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pictures from the last few Days.

The last week in Nepal has been one of intensifying social struggles. Here is a some pictures that Lal Salam Blog has been able to get from Kathmandu.

A pro-government Rally before as the "crisis" began. They were calling for the removal of the Chief of Army Staff Katawal. The Maoist led government removed Katwal after his repeated refusal to recognize the supremacy of the civilian government and his disobedience of the orders of the defence ministry.

When Katawal was removed, despite it being well within the governments power in the constitution, and being necessary for the protection of democracy, the opposition Nepali Congress called on its student supporters to protest, and the in small groups took to the streets to burn tires and cause disruption.

Above is Congress supporters burning tires near the Janadisha (the Maoists daily paper) offices. There was a nervous couple of hours at Janadisha at one point as their phones died, and there were rumours of an imminent military coup, however it turned out (thankfully) to just be a legitimate fault in the phone network.

More congress supporters burning tires. Note the difference between the Congress rally above, and the Maoists rally below.

Despite the obvious public support for the sacking of Katawal, the president went outside his constitutional role to reinstate him- rendering the Maoist government ceremonial. This was essentially a "soft coup" against the democratic government in Nepal, engineered largely outside of the country by the USA and India.

Above Minister of Information and Communications Mahara makes the last announcement of the Maoist led government- declaring that it is the decision of the rightful government of Nepal that the actions of the President is nothing short of illegal.

Below Prime Minister Prachanda announces his resignation due to the inability of the government to implement any of its promises due to the unlawful and unconstitutional actions of the opposition and international forces.

Below a rally protesting against the Coup proceeding through the tourist area. For the tourists looking to get to Nepal for the peace, serenity and "shangri-la" it put their world upside down.

The front page of "Jana Disha" the Maoists daily paper. It shows the President on the shoulders of the Indian Prime Minster and wearing the crown of the (now defunct) monarchy. Behind him are the leaders of the opposition all carrying the Indian flag.

As close as any of the royals got to being a maoist....

Speaks for itself.

Below: the protests are not all on the street- this is a program organised by civil society and hundred packed the auditorium. The support for the Maoists actions is even bigger then just the Maobadi- members of the UML and the head of the Nepali Bar Association spoke at this program.


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